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Compassion and Routines

One of the most compassionate things I’ve done for myself is to establish routines in my life. My morning routine is among the most important of these. Whether a weekday or weekend, I am up early doing the same thing every day.

For me, that “same thing” is my quiet time of reading, prayer, and meditation. My meditation includes my daily writing about spiritual principles.

I know others for whom their routines are just as important and valuable. Friends who regularly post about their morning workout at the gym. Or a morning run. Or even an early morning meeting of Narcotics Anonymous they faithfully attend.

Not everyone thrives on routines. I know plenty of people for whom each day starts a little (or a lot) differently. The same routines that work for some of us would drive others insane.

For instance, I once knew a fellow who packed his lunch for work each and every day. In fact, it was the exact same lunch, each and every day. Same sandwich. Same carrot sticks. Same sweet tea. That’s a routine that would never work for me.

My point is that showing compassion for myself has become a part of my recovery program. It’s something that I rarely made time for in the past. I was so busy with people-pleasing that I neglected most of my personal needs or interests. There was no time for a hobby. No time for reflection. No time for me.

So, here I sit, enjoying my daily compassion. Like anyone else, I have goals for the day. Things I need to accomplish. A schedule to maintain. First though, I’m going to focus on me, and on my recovery. I’ve found that when I do, I can truly…

Have a remarkable day!


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