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Trust and Open Garage Doors

This morning when I came out on the balcony to enjoy some prayer and meditation along with coffee, I looked out to see that I had left the door to our garage open over night. Well shoot, I did it again. Grabbing the clicker, I pressed the button and watched as the door slowly closed.

There was a time not too long ago when seeing that the door had been left open would have sent me into a tizzy. I’d have rushed down to take an inventory of every item to be sure nothing was missing. Then I’d have invested a good deal of time chastising myself for being so forgetful, again.

After beating myself up for a good little while, negative self-talk would finish off the exercise. What a perfect opportunity it would have been to talk myself into a bad start to an otherwise glorious day!

I skipped that process completely this morning. After all, what’s the point? I know I’m human. Sometimes I drop the ball. I am fallible. I forget things. Oh boy do I forget things these days.

So, rather than expending a lot of energy in worrying about a potential situation, I’m continuing my morning routine. After all, my coffee might get cold if I let some side issue distract me!

Not only that, but even more importantly, my spirit might grow cold if I allow side issues to derail my morning routine. You see, this is my time. This is that time each day when my recovery comes first. While Amanda and Shaun are still sleeping. Before my phone begins to ring with work-related calls. Before the rest of my world comes to life, I enjoy my coffee, prayer, and meditation.

The funny thing about making this time a priority in life is that I have never looked back on a morning wistfully wishing I had done something else. Likewise, I’ve never had anyone in my life complain about the time I invest each morning in my recovery. In fact, they help me guard this time. Amanda keeps Shaun inside on mornings when my time runs long. My boss respects this time, telling me to be sure to schedule around it (he actually once chastised me for taking a flight that was too early in the morning).

Trust is at the foundation of my morning routine. Trust that as long as I am inspired to write (I consider this my meditation), doing so will benefit my recovery. It will keep my spirit healthy. It will give me the opportunity to grow.

So then, that trust spills out over the rest of my day. Rather than worry that something may be missing from the garage, I trust in God’s provision. Everything down there is insured anyway. I don’t pay that insurance premium so I can spend time worrying. No, I invest in insurance so I can have peace of mind. Trust.

This is going to be a wonderful day. There is a crisp feel to the morning. Soon the stars will surrender to the sunrise. Life will be happening all around me. I will have so many opportunities to practice trust today. I may even sprinkle a little hope and faith on the day as well.

So, for a few weeks I’ll be extra vigilant about closing the garage door. I’ll keep a watchful eye at night to be sure it is secured. Then, eventually, I will forget again. When I do, I will not freak out. Life is too short for such things.

Have a remarkable day!


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