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Self-Discipline and The Snooze Button

Whoever invented the snooze button on alarm clocks should either be shot or given a medal. I’m never really sure which would be more appropriate.

Last night, as I settled into bed, I set my alarm for 5:07. Yes, it’s an odd time, but I’ve found that I wake up more easily at an odd hour. My theory is that my brain sees the relatively odd time and begins thinking right away. Whatever the reason, I typically respond to my alarm by getting up.

This morning was different. Today’s 5:07 is more like 4:07 because I’m in New York. So the time difference is still catching up with me. So, when the alarm sounded, I quickly hit that bright red button and rolled back over.

So, at 5:16 my alarm sounded again. This time I rolled out of bed. Said a quick prayer, and came down to the lobby of my hotel to begin my morning routine. No big deal, right?

The problem is that I know myself. Hitting that snooze button once can quickly become two, three, or even more times. I am a person who cannot successfully use a snooze button. For me, it is like a drug, where “one is too many, and a thousand never enough.”

That is where self-discipline comes in. I have managed to discipline myself to get out of bed on that first alarm. It’s easier at home, because getting up means I am not waking Amanda too early. It means quiet time on my beloved balcony. It means truly good coffee.

Yes, there are all sorts of benefits to be found in rising when the alarm sounds.

When on the road, those benefits are significantly lessened. Waking Amanda is not an issue. There is no balcony here. The coffee is ok, but nothing special. So, self-discipline becomes even more important when I travel.

My snooze button serves as a handy metaphor for staying clean in recovery. When it comes to mood changing and mind altering drugs, one truly is too many. A thousand truly will never be enough. Hitting life’s “snooze button” for me, a recovering drug addict, can be a deadly act.

Avoiding the “snooze button” that drugs represent becomes easier as I practice spiritual principles. Practicing self-discipline allows me the opportunity to live out my recovery in a tangible way wherever I go. Whether at home or on the road, self-discipline helps me stay focused on recovery, and keeps my mind right.

As my day begins, I am thankful for the ability to practice self-discipline. Today, I don’t need a “snooze-button” to face my life. When the alarm sounds, I’m equipped to jump up and…

Have a remarkable day!


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