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Faith and Flight

Earlier this week, Amanda, Shaun, and I met one of Shaun’s cousins and her little boy at Tulsa’s Air and Space Museum. It was a great excursion during three days I had taken off from work.

The museum is located in an old hanger in the north side of the Tulsa International Airport. That old hanger has been renovated to make a beautiful facility that has been packed full of aircraft. Everything from an experimental ultralight airplane to an F-14 Tomcat are available for guests of the museum to see up close.

My imagination ran wild as I moved from plane to plane, imagining myself behind the controls of each one. My first time flying was as a baby in the early 1960’s, and though I have flown countless times since, I never grow tired of the feeling I get when wheels leave the ground. Exhilarating!

There is a planetarium next door to the museum, so our visit culminated with an hour-long movie experience. The first movie was about the desire to fly that we as humans seem to have always possessed. From the ancient Chinese and their kites, to Leonardo da Vinci and his drawings and models of aircraft, the Wright Brothers and beyond, the pursuit of flight has been part of the human experience.

Today, that experience takes brave men and women to new heights and ever-greater speeds. The presentation ended with a film about the International Space Station. By the time it began, Shaun’s enthusiasm for our adventure had waned. He was ready to come home. Thankfully, he patiently waited so that I could take it all in.

His patience was rewarded the next night. I had promised a trip to the pool after I finished with my Thursday night meeting. We had a blast together, and I took time to show him The Big Dipper in the sky.

On our walk back to our apartment, we were still looking up at the sky when it happened. The International Space Station came into view as it orbited the earth. As it zoomed across the sky, we talked about what we had seen and learned the previous day. I asked Shaun to imagine our family living up there. How different things would be. How thrilling. How scary.

When I drew faith as my spiritual principle for the day, I began to reminisce about our week. When my thoughts turned to that trip to the museum, I realized just how many examples of faith can be found within its walls.

With each of those different designs, from corporate planes, to military trainers, to experimental aircraft, faith was required.

Take for instance the F-14 Tomcat. It had a heavy steel hook on its back end designed to catch a cable on an aircraft carrier. The pilot in that fighter jet had to have faith in the aircraft, and all the various parts that made it up. Faith in the aircraft carrier on which the plane landed. Faith in the crew to properly maintain all the equipment. Faith in that thin cable that would trap the plane, allowing it to come to a safe stop.

Faith in self was at the core of each of those aircraft. Faith that whatever issue came up during the flight, it could be managed, allowing for a safe return to the ground.

By its very nature, flight is an act of faith. So is my recovery. I must practice faith in others and in myself on a daily basis in order to sustain my recovery from drug addiction.

Faith in a Higher Power (I call my Higher Power “God”) is also a big part of my recovery. I am learning to place my faith in God, and in His will for my life. I walk in that faith daily, believing that it was God who brought me to the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous.

Faith tells me that if I continue on the path of recovery, my life can move from dreams of what might be, into experiences of what has come to pass. Experiences like the one I shared with Shaun as we gazed into the sky, letting our imagination run wild.

Every morning I pray what is called the “Third Step prayer.” Take my will and my life. Guide me in my recovery. Show me how to live.

By faith, I am learning to live once again. By faith, I am turning dreams into reality. By faith, I can fly. By faith, I will…

Have a remarkable day!


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