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Faith, Nose Hair, and Chewbacca

One of those things nobody told me when I was younger was that some day my hair would develop a mind of its own. This is especially true of my nose hairs. Those tiny thin hairs somehow have gotten out of control. It’s like they have been secretly taking steroids.

I’ve tried tweezers, small scissors, clippers, nothing seems to work at keeping these now spring-like hairs from growing. Just about the time I would think they were under control, I’d look in the mirror only to discover a particularly long and thick one hanging from my nose.

Nothing was working, and the problem was only getting worse. Amanda confirmed my worst fears a few nights ago when she pointed out that the view of my little beauties was much better from her angle. She is several inches shorter than I, and confided in me that the view from down there was spectacular!

Frustrated with my present situation, I remembered back to a post I had seen on Facebook a few months back. A friend had been convinced by his wife to let her wax his nose hairs. Picture the wax used to remove leg hairs, only shoved up one’s nose.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I asked Amanda to look into doing this for me. Being the take action person she is, before I knew it, Amazon had delivered our waxing supplies.

A few YouTube videos later, I found myself sitting on the couch with a Q-tip sticking out of my nose. On the end in my nose was a big glob of wax, cooling and hardening. After a few minutes, Amanda gave a good hard tug and boom, that glob of hardened wax came neatly out of my nostril.

We were both thoroughly disgusted by what we saw next. Upon close inspection of the wax, hundreds of nose hairs were visible. It looked like she had yanked the head of a tiny Chewbacca from my nostril.

Soon the second nostril was done, and I was free of those tiny little hairs. The inside of my nose was as bare as a baby’s bottom. With a little laugh, Amanda told me the the view from her angle was much improved!

It’s funny how faith works. In this instance, until my friend’s Facebook post, I had never even heard of waxing nose hairs away. Seeing it work for him made me believe it could work for me too. Seeing brought faith. Once faith took hold, I was ready to try for myself.

My experience with recovery from addiction has some startling parallels to my epic battle against nose hairs. First, like nose hairs, I first tried to ignore my problem with drugs. Then, I tried to control or hide my use. Switching drugs or methods of using them was like applying clippers or tweezers to my nose hairs. These methods were simply attempts to hide a problem.

Then there was the view others around me had. Amanda could see more of my nose hairs than I could. She had a better perspective. She could see the problem.

Similarly, I now know that at least one person in my life knew that something was very wrong with me when I was using. My daughter could see that I had changed. She was scared, and, not long ago, confided in me that she secretly hoped doctors would find a brain tumor. At least that would explain my strange behaviors.

Then there was the depth of the problem. I had no idea Chewbacca had taken up residence in my nose. He was hiding up there so carefully that I failed to see him. Likewise, my addiction went undetected by me for the longest time. I thought my drug use was under my control. I was convinced that if I ever wanted to quit using drugs I could. No worries, I thought, I’ll just stop if and when I want to.

Like pulling hair-covered wax from my nose, I was startled to see just how serious my problem was when I began the process of recovery. I discovered that it ran much deeper than the obvious problem with drugs. Addiction is a condition affecting almost every aspect of life. Working the steps would prove to be the “wax” needed to address the root of addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous has proven to be the “wax” I need to address my addiction. It’s funny, but just like the fact that I was not familiar with waxing nose hairs until I saw that Facebook post, I had never heard of Narcotics Anonymous or recovery until Amanda told me about them. I always thought people just stopped. Or, in more serious cases, went to rehab to find a cure.

She talked so much about her own recovery, and about living by spiritual principles that I was drawn to the program. The life she described attracted me. I saw it working in her life, filling her with the kind of joy I wanted so desperately. Her recovery gave me hope. That hope became faith. Thus began my journey to recovery.

Like waxing my nose hairs, recovery is not a one-time event. There is no cure for addiction. My character defects are still there, just like the cuticles of my nose hairs. Keeping them under control will be an ongoing effort.

My faith in the program of NA is strong today. So strong that I am able to apply the principles of recovery to all areas of my life. It turns out that “Chewbacca” tries to take up residence in all kinds of attitudes and emotions.

I’m thinking of waxing my facial hairs next. After all, if it could do such an effective job in my nose, just think of the possibilities!

Have a remarkable day!


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