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Humility and Celebrity

Yesterday there were headlines about a celebrity who overdosed on heroin. Thankfully, her story does not have to end there. She survived, and was in the hospital recovering.

This is a young lady who, from the world’s perspective, has it all. Fame, fortune, talent, beauty, you name it. Yet, despite all these things, she was almost lost to an overdose.

Now, like so many of us have had to do, she is starting over. She faces a very hard road to recovery. A road which will be made even more difficult because of her fame, and the fact that her life is under the microscope of the media.

I don’t personally know any celebrities who are in recovery. I know they are out there, and I empathize with their struggle. Addiction is, after all, the great equalizer. It does not discriminate. It will be just as at home in the penthouse as in a trap house. It will check in at the Waldorf Astoria, or at the Motel 6.

There are difficulties facing every addict seeking recovery. Whether it is scrutiny from the news media of the pain of homelessness, each of us faces consequences of drug use that will haunt us. These consequences only add to the challenges faced in recovery.

There is good news though. That is the fact that, like the disease of addiction, recovery does not discriminate. Recovery is available to us all. The program of Narcotics Anonymous will work for anyone . The spiritual awakening brought about by the twelve steps can be experienced by any who seek it.

My heart goes out to the young lady in yesterday’s headlines. The emotional pain of relapse is one with which I am all too familiar. Despite that pain, I know that hope is available to her. She is one of the lucky ones. One of those who relapsed, yes; but also one who has has a chance to start fresh. Today, she has a chance to be more than just another statistic.

I am grateful for the bright future I have ahead of me because of the program of Narcotics Anonymous. Today, I have a chance to be more than just a statistic too.

The message of NA is that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live. Humility reminds me that I am that “any addict.” I may not “have it all,” but I have recovery, and that is enough.

Have a remarkable day!


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