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Acceptance Brings Peace

Really? Acceptance? Today???

Some days I draw my spiritual principle for the day and wonder just how loudly God is laughing, as I consider how that principle is going to apply to my day. Today is definitely one such day.

Yesterday I traveled to New York, where today I have a series of meetings and interviews. They are all centered around a new job opportunity. It’s a job that I’ve been working toward for years now, and today is my make it or break it opportunity.

So yes, my initial thought was one of apprehension.

Not only do I not want to have to practice any acceptance, I also don’t wish to be writing about it. “Thanks God, but I’ve got this one.” That was my initial thought.

Then it hit me, I was guilty of falling back into negative thoughts regarding the concept of acceptance and God’s will. When considered as a negative practice, I see acceptance as something that helps me to endure. With this attitude, I risk falling back into self-will and developing the attitude that God’s will somehow leads to life’s “booby prizes.”

Then recovery begins to kick in. I come to realize how amazing life has been as I have allowed God’s will to rule in my life. I recall His love for me and all the good He has brought into my life.

I am also reminded of the ways in which He continues to shape me into the person I was meant to be. As I allow myself to be shaped by Him, an amazing thing happens. I find that His dreams for my future are better than I could imagine.

Today, I have a life that only a couple of years ago, seemed unattainable. In fact, this job opportunity seemed like one of those dreams that had been completely sacrificed to my addiction. Yet here I am, ready for a day that in all likelihood will lead to that dream being realized.

So, my attitude toward acceptance is shifting. I’m looking forward to the day ahead. I accept the fact that I’ve done all I can to make it a great day. I accept the fact that my heart is in the right condition, and I have every reason to expect good things out of life.

In my active addiction, I practiced acceptance too. The difference is, back then I accepted that my day was only going to be as good as the drugs I had at the time. I accepted that most days would be mediocre at best. I even accepted that dreams I had once held so dearly, were being replaced by nightmares about my future.

Today, I accept as fact that life is good. I accept that each day holds opportunity. I accept that today will be controlled largely by my attitude, and my willingness to seek God’s will. Today, nightmares are replaced by dreams for a bright future.

I am grateful for the opportunity to practice acceptance today. As I do, I am sure to see God’s will for my life become reality.

Have a remarkable day!


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